Would You Allow Your Nine Year Old Kid To Walk Eight Blocks To School?

I walked to school nearly every day. I hoofed it to Dunbar Elementary, Dunbar Junior High, and Dunbar High. Almost every day, of every school year. I literally can’t remember a time when I was dropped-off by one of my parents. I’m sure it happened, but it was so rare I can’t recall it. And […]

3-in-5 Americans Have Had Sex In A Car, And How Could It Not Be More??

I mean, seriously. I’m far from a playa, but I’ve had many backseat “romances.” Between the ages of, say, 17 and 22… where else are you gonna do it? Your options are limited. Right? But according to this poll, only about 60% of people claim to have had sex in a car. The writer of […]